list #1


sweet cream butter
organic plain yogurt
plain almond milk
unsweetened granola
two red bell peppers
one bag onions
1/2 lb ground beef
a hand to hold
someone else to do this for me
dinner reservation and two movie tickets
weekend on the lake sailing
nice curtains for the winter to
keep our mornings warm
a second coat hook for the door
matching rain coats
matching coffee cups
cooking lessons
tent for two
shoe rack
a bookshelf to put my favorites
inbetween yours
two plane tickets
dog bed
dancing lessons
an event space reservation and a minister

the moving quiet of a city’s midnight


and when you lay there
to let the warm pause of night
draw its exhausted breath
i could tell you everything
every secret in this world
and show you how they fit

i could show you how your back will fall gently into the ancient hardwood

i could show you how the yellowed streetlamps love us in their duty

i could show you the way these poets breath fire when the world hushes up and wraps itself up in a blanket, child-like with wonder and offering itself to transformation

but iā€™m lost instead inside your pause
inside that space between one and two
inside a caged beauty that learns to roar

and you will roar.

memory 9:other people

copyright 2016 zachary flessert

but when the bell rang at 10:14 pm
i felt my skin pull tighter over neglected bones
and i wondered if it was possible
to invert myself
into and
out of this place

this space is new
at night i pace a hallway while
ancient boards creak up
right back at me
a whispered conversation between
running ruminations and ghosts from the ā€˜20s
at 10:17 pm i paused at the door
there was no peep hole
just my eye pressed up against cheap grain wood

and closing it, knowing my windows were
thrust open to welcome the air
humid oppressive but freeing summer air
but also the wondering stares of those not let in
i hid myself into the folds of couch cushions
and turned off all of the noise
to just feel the stare of those
not let in