list #1


sweet cream butter
organic plain yogurt
plain almond milk
unsweetened granola
two red bell peppers
one bag onions
1/2 lb ground beef
a hand to hold
someone else to do this for me
dinner reservation and two movie tickets
weekend on the lake sailing
nice curtains for the winter to
keep our mornings warm
a second coat hook for the door
matching rain coats
matching coffee cups
cooking lessons
tent for two
shoe rack
a bookshelf to put my favorites
inbetween yours
two plane tickets
dog bed
dancing lessons
an event space reservation and a minister

memory #7: i thought i was going to love you

small laughs like a melon’s delicious
and those found precious dishes
he shook his tailbones wildless
string peas and lion’s mess

i held your hand deep onion brown
eyes so sweet but cucumber frown
deep our love in the willow glen
dug it there, with a blooded wren

hair straight so ribbon fine
hair so cotton a garlic line
toenail to toenail
fingernail to nose

skyways breaching, and solar flare
an empty night, a solo dare
green grass infinity and waves
white flowers yet squirrel graves