the world is open to us now


in a cafe you could smile
after a moment, i could smile back

and along the Saturday sidewalk i could feel
your finger tips shuffling beneath long flannel cuffs

and at the Orchestra
my tie could just match yours

and i could call for a reservation
and use our first names

and at the mall i could try on jeans
and have you try them on after me

and on weekends we could walk trails
and share the world with every new face

and we could fly somewhere else together
rest our heads together on the plane

and we could pick out kitchenware together
fight over designs right in plain view

and in spring we could adopt a pup
and sign the papers together

and in summer at the long beach
i could put my towel next to yours

and when falls hits i could write in
me plus one on heavy card stock

and late during new year’s eve
we could share it like everyone else

and i could wake every morning with you
in the place we call our home

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