how do you love your body?


is it with care, with the yawning of life
your limbs wrapped in cotton like christmas morning
and the warmth of the sun in and through you?

or is it gently
lolling in long grass and saying hello to beetles
embracing the gravitational love of continental plates
and wondering why everyday couldn’t be just this?

or is it with vigor
on a vulcanized rubber mat with another
your breath in pace with their tendons
your minds free yet focused and every motion
deeply underneath your understanding and every moment
a conversation with everyone of your cells?

or is it with your lover?
to honor your body, is to honor mine
and to feel you until i lose you
until i lose i and you and our only grounding
is a shared breath while our foreheads rest
like an isle of electric connection floating
above our wild eyes

or is it as i run?
past reasonable miles and i fly
and my limbs becomes icarus
plead with me to fail
but i am proud of my body
i demand more of my body
and with each step i feel my sole compress into my shoe
and feel my ligaments spring it all forward
and i do this because i honor my body
and demand it to honor me.

or do you love your body with food
with drink or with smoke?
do you love it that it lets
these chemicals grasp it and guide you away
or do you love your body as a tool

or, perhaps, stay silent
let me love your body for you

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